1. Quick Tip: Web Inspector for iOS

    Happened across this little nugget the other day. 

    Haven’t you always wanted to be able to pop open a web inspector when testing out your sites on iOS devices? I know, me too.

    Well now with iOS 6, you can!

    Fire up the good ol’ iPhone simulator and browse to the website you’d like to inspect. 


    Fantastic! Now pop open Safari and in the Develop menu* you’ll see a line item for iPhone simulator. Select the website you just opened in Mobile Safari, and BLAMO! You’re in business.


    You can even plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and they’ll show up as an option in the Develop menu as well. Pretty handy!

    With the web’s obsession of responsive design here recently, this is definitely a welcome feature. Thanks iOS  6!

    Official Apple Docs

    *If you don’t have Develop in your task bar menu, head to Preferences -> Advanced and check “Show Develop menu in menu bar” down at the bottom.

  2. You’re not designing! You’re organizing.

    James Victore on not letting his students use a computer to begin a new design. From here.
  3. Shot this quite awhile ago, but as Damien’s album nears, we can finally release it to the world. Woot.

  4. We (meaning Lance and friends) just finished up a little play in our little town, a riff off the Vagina Monologues (which my wife put on last spring). The Psychopath Monologues took speeches from psycho, film characters and actual serial killers. We projected these as slides  (there were twenty) above the actors. Yes, the play was a little creepy and if you can believe it, pretty damn funny, particularly the musical medley that closed the show. Jazz hands!

  5. Haven’t bought an R.E.M. in a long, long, long time. Regardless, feeling a little nostalgic. Remembering watching this when I was 13. Seriously changed my life. 

  6. This has been out a couple weeks, but the response has been really great so I’d thought I’d share. Gardens & Villa is a really damn good band. Swift and I shot this back in May. I honestly wasn’t sure how’d the back projection would work. Think it turned out kinda swell. Enjoy.  

  7. The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.

    George Bernard Shaw Sometimes it’s nice to have a perspective.
  8. Quick Tip: Date and Time zones in Rails

    If you use Date.today, DateTime.now or Time.now, you will get a time with the system’s timezone.

    Instead use Date.current, DateTime.current or Time.current to get a Date or Time with the app’s configured Time.zone. Gone are the timezone woes.

  9. Very sweet collection of vintage LP/45 labels from Center of Attention.

    Very sweet collection of vintage LP/45 labels from Center of Attention.

  10. Introducing ThemBlog. In celebration, enjoy this video shot by Lance for Richard Swift.